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Sometimes it’s who you know.

Whether it’s media outreach, a success story featuring one of your customers, or the opportunity to speak at an industry forum – we position you and your company as a healthcare leader. How? We build close and longstanding relationships with all the prominent healthcare media outlets and trade associations. These relationships pay enormous dividends to our clients in the form of regional, national, and global exposure. Here are a few headlines we’ve grabbed.

What you know is invaluable.

Chances are you’re sitting on a treasure trove of knowledge customers and prospects need to solve problems and face challenges. Agency Ten22 identifies, organizes and broadcasts your knowledge in the form of succinct, perfectly-placed healthcare content. New media environments. New content approaches. We're on it.

Sometimes it’s knowing what to do.

We maximize every marketing dollar through memorable marketing campaigns that grow brand awareness and generate quality leads. Whether it’s a direct mail campaign, new website or customized event, we have the experience and creativity to grab attention and promote your brand. Here's how.